Mind Genius Download

University of Stirling staff and students can download a full version of Mind Genius 6 (Windows only – sorry Mac users).

Mind Genius  – allows users to organise ideas and quickly generate keywords by converting them to a mind map layout.  This enables the user to build up written material, by adding notes and additional ideas and link them together.  With Mind Genius you can easily design clear structures for pieces of written work and help to avoid blank page syndrome.   

When you download Mind Genius it will act as a trial version valid for 30 days. The University of Stirling licence code will then need to be entered to carry out “Activation” of the software by using your University of Stirling email address while online (other email addresses will not work with this licence code).

Download link:


The licence code can be obtained from the Disability Service or from Information Services.








Disability Service labstats now available

Good news! You can now look up the availability of the Disability Service computer labs.

The information is available at the usual link http://labstats.stir.ac.uk/lab.html

It will also be displayed on the plasma screens acround campus.

Please note that these labs are only available for Disability Service users. Please contact us if you have any queries.


In other labs news:

The labs 2A79 and 2A81 are going to be refurbished week beginning 24th August 2015 starting with 2A81. Please check the labstats link above for availability. We apologise for any inconvience this might cause. We will keep you updated on progress.

Windows 10 – Beware!

29th July 2015 is the official release date for Windows 10. For Windows 8.1 users this upgrade is currently free and will be made available in stages from this date. You will be notified that it’s available for your computer by a Windows icon in the system tray.


The update will not automatically install and we are advising that you do not choose to install it manually.

A number of assistive technology developers have warned that their software will not work with Windows 10.

Windows 8.1 will continue to run on your computer without the update.


If you have any questions or would like some more information please contact the Disability Service. Or check www.assistivetech.wordpress.stir.ac.uk for updates and reviews of the latest Windows 10 news and what it means for assistive technology at the University of Stirling.

Hello everyone!

Welcome to University of Stirling Assistive Technology Blog. We decided to start blogging as a quick way of sharing information about what’s happening in the assistive technology world and what that means for the university.

We’re going to be keeping you informed of the latest software and hardware updates on campus and how you can use them.

We’ll let you know of events we’ve been to and ones you can join in with.

You’ll find hints and tips on how to use your assistive technology and those useful bits of Windows and Mac aimed at accessibility.

We hope you find it informative and useful. Feel free to get involved in the discussion.